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"Improve the standard of living of the community"

Welcome to M Civils (Pty) Limited

M Civils cc was registered when its owner, Mr Mike de Kock, realised the forthcoming opportunities rooted in the governments’ Reconstruction and Development Programme.  This program required a lot of infrastructure development for its success, and having more than 20 years experience in this sector, M Civils cc could exploit these opportunities to its fullest.

After completing several contracts as a sub contractor, M Civils cc showed enough growth to tender as a main contractor in the infrastructure development sector. After completing various contracts on this basis, M Civils cc was incorporated as a Proprietary Limited company in 1999.

Realising the need for Black Empowerment, M Civils (Pty) Ltd embarked on a program to train and empower its personnel from previously disadvantaged groups. From this program several people were trained as site managers. The program has been quite successful and the management of M Civils (Pty) Ltd now includes 50% previously disadvantaged individuals, including two directors.

The two directors and all black personnel who have worked for M Civils (Pty) Ltd for more than 5 years, are beneficiaries of the M Civils Black Employee Empowerment Trust. The Trust owns 50% of M Civils (Pty) Ltd.

M Civils (Pty) Ltd also assists several small black owned companies with administration and other contractual matters in order for them to grow. We see this as an integral part of our strategic investment in, and upliftment of, the communities in which we work.


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